From 5 flights to Zero and now back to 6 flights a day

It has been a long journey with 5 flights in a day to Zero, and then again one Air India Flight to Bengaluru. Today Sambra Airport will witness one more historical event in its 77-year journey, the commencement of 2 Flights under UDAN 3.0. Belagavi has got 13 routes under UDAN and Three have commenced to date.

Today the Starair Ahmedabad and the Alliance Air Pune Flight commenced its services taking the total number of flights to 6 a day except for Tuesday.

We now have 6 Flights a day (except Tuesday) namely 3 to Bengaluru, One each to Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

When all the SpiceJet flights got diverted and we the people in Belagavi started showing a lot of resentment over it, but this criticism raised some strength, in understating to take this battle to next level, the battle to mass and the political class where it needs to be heard rightly and hit strongly.

However, the most awaited Mumbai is yet to be commenced.

all-airplanes udanThis article is a tribute to all the contributors for a cause cannot though draft all the names, and much more left still to fight for and to bring the glory back to our lovable liveable city “Belagavi Belgaon Belgaum”, well signing off with words of praise to them.

Belagavi a city will reap more benefits and value to rise to new heights, the skies of Belagavi will be busy again.

Routes under UDAN 3.0 for Belagavi

  1. Belagavi to Hyderabad – InterGlobe (Indigo), SpiceJet, Turbo Megha (TruJet) – Spicejet Commenced
  2. Belagavi to Tirupati – Ghodawat (Star Air), Turbo Megha (TruJet)
  3. Belagavi to Mumbai – SpiceJet, Ghodawat (Star Air)
  4. Belagavi to Pune – Alliance Air Commenced
  5. Belagavi to Surat – Ghodawat (Star Air)
  6. Belagavi to Kadappa – Turbo Megha (TruJet)
  7. Belagavi to Mysuru – Turbo Megha (TruJet)
  8. Belagavi to Indore – Ghodawat (Star Air)
  9. Belagavi to Jodhpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)
  10. Belagavi to Jaipur – Ghodawat (Star Air)
  11. Belagavi to Ahmedabad – Ghodawat (Star Air) Commenced
  12. Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik) – Ghodawat (Star Air)
  13. Belagavi to Nagpur – Ghodawat (Star Air)

See Complete Flight Schedule from Belagavi to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad and return.

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