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Smart bus shelter to display live bus status

From October 1, 2020, the smart bus shelters built by the Belagavi Smart City Ltd would be connected to the Integrated command control, and the LED boards would display the entire route and live location of the City bus.

Traveling in a city bus from one destination to another is a nightmare for many as they don’t know the actual arrival of the bus.

Now Belagavi smart city ltd is making life a bit easier for them, as the smart bus shelters will display live bus locations and the entire route of a bus with timings say from CBT to Vadgaon.

smart city board

So if you are waiting for a bus at Rani Chennamma Circle you can precisely know when a bus to Vadgaon is expected and as of now, 66 buses have GPS installed. So these 66 routes can be seen live location as to where the bus has reached and when it would reach your bus stop.

Also the same could be seen on an app that has been integrated for the same. Even digital payments would be commenced by using this app but a bit later.

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Citizens Council asks for Green City Belagavi – planting of new trees and preserving old trees

Today the delegation of Citizens Council under the leadership of its President Shri Satish Tendulkar submitted the memorandum regarding Green City under the Smart City project implemented by the Ministry Of Housing And Urban Affairs, Govt Of India to Shri Shashidhar Kurer MD, Smart City Project.
The major focus of the meeting was promoting and planting the maximum number of trees in Belagavi as for the last 6 years no initiative was taken to plant new trees.
The important discussion took place on the subject of safeguarding existing trees while doing the infrastructure work of Smart City.
The delegates also demanded the building of new small lakes, building new bird shelters, displaying play cards focusing on the issue of saving the environment and birds.
Delegates also complain regarding the illegal chopping of trees in the city by the concerned contractors under the name of infrastructure development and also handover the proofs of the same to Mr. Kurer.

After the due discussion Shri Shashidhar Kurer, M.D. Smart City appreciated the real concern of the Citizens Council towards the environment and well being of society. He assured the delegates regarding speedy action and planting trees drive immediately. He told the delegates to appeal to the citizens to bring the facts of cutting roadside trees to his knowledge directly. He also assured the delegates of strict action on concern contractors for chopping the trees.
He also assured that necessary instruction will be given to all the officers/units of Smart City regarding environment-friendly Green and Smart city projects and told the delegates that he will call a separate meeting of the nature lovers and environmentalists soon.
Shri satish Tendulkar, Shri Sevantilal Shah, Shri Arun Kulkarni were present.

Memorandum: –

Sir, first of all, I would like to congratulate you sir for your active participation as M.D.Smart City Belagavi and turning our city in the most advanced equipped state of the art infrastructure, which in true sense justice to the post. We are confident that under your able leadership the Portfolio you bear will touch the new skies.
Sir, as you are aware of the fact that since age-old days Belagavi is recognized for its tall age-old trees and lush green belts roadside with the greenery all around and because of the same it was earlier recognized as the “ Poor Peoples Mahabaleshwar”. But unfortunately under the name of development and urbanization, we lost its fame and natural habitat a lot. Even under the Smart City project, the major focus was given to preserving the nature and environment while infrastructure development.
The tree cover in our city is constantly under threat and is being diminished to give way for infrastructure projects. In many areas old roadside trees are axed down overnight to lay cables etc., as a result, every year our Belagavi is becoming barren land or a cement concert jungle which is alarming. While our heart might ache for the environment, most of us feel helpless when we see someone cutting down a tree.
Sir, there can still be a rethink about the way we are making our city smart. It is just a matter of conscious thought. We can still make the best of whatever spaces we have as

  1. Preserve the existing large trees by making them as Heritage trees tags. Don’t conveniently chop them to make way for electric cables, we need to find our way around them rather than through them.
  2. Keep spaces for mid-sized trees when the roads are being built. They won’t interfere with the rest of the work provided they are given just that little space and true access to the soil.
  3. Demarcate other regions in the city to construct urban forest.
  4. Plat more and more number of trees roadside as well as in institutional and industrial compounds to compensate for whatever trees are lost.
  5. Involve people and organizations in planting and maintaining trees.
    Here we think it’s high time for all of us to act towards the Green City Project along with the Smart City.

Mission Green City Belagavi.
Sir, as you are aware of the fact that Green City is a city that is “in balance with nature,” where all forms of nature from living organisms to their habitats are highly significant components of the urban form and part of green infrastructure. In a Green City, all forms of nature are respected, maintained, and extended for the benefit of city residents. Urban nature is seen as an ideal provider of services, and a key concept for city development. Almost all types of urban spaces are host to urban nature either random (“wild”) or introduced by human decisions (e.g., trees, plantations). These areas are either actively used (e.g., meadows, grazeland, parks, gardens, urban forests, etc.) or are abandoned from their previous use (e.g., brownfields or certain wetlands and forests). Urban green infrastructure can be understood as a network of all urban natural elements either close to nature or designed green space can be a planning relevant category. The concept of urban green infrastructure is thus exemplary for strategic and integrated planning, protection, development, and management of urban nature. This requires citywide, district-based, and object-based spatial concepts.
Urban aforestation, beautification of public spaces, nature-friendly parks, pocket forests, avenue plantation, hedges and green creepers as view cutters, rooftop farming, kitchen gardens, vertical gardens, and floriculture/ tall tree nurseries are some examples of activities that can be taken up.

We earnestly request your good selves to please look into the above issues which we are confident will transform the City into a much better place to live-in giving the Citizens, Working Class, Children’s, Traders, and the Industrialists an opportunity to compete in the commercial world using the best environmental friendly infrastructure made available by the Government through your personal efforts in Belagavi City.
On behalf of “ Citizens Council” we extend our fullest support and cooperation for recognizing Belagavi as a Smart Green City. We hope you will consider this matter as the most important and urgent and do the needful for the better development of our State and nation in a true sense.

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Rising Heart Disease among Young; A cause of concern – Dr. Suresh V. Patted

(World Heart Day-29th Sept, 2020)

A young 34 years techie from Bengaluru was on work from home at Belagavi was brought to the hospital with complaints of chest pain, sweating profusely and pain in the left hand. He was immediately shifted to the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU). ECG and other investigations revealed that he had a massive MI (Heart attack). Immediately he was put of thrombolysis therapy (“clot-busting” delivered through an intravenous (IV) line. The drug circulates in the bloodstream & reduces the blood clot). Of late, more and more young & productive age groups of people falling prey to cardiac diseases which is a disturbing trend.

This 34-year software engineer was working 5 days a week and is on work from home for the last 6 months at Belagavi. This is not the only young case, Youth reporting with chest pain is on the increasing trend and are becoming victims of heart disease. Twenty years ago, heart attack in youths was not the case for discussion in Medical Colleges.

The history of the techie revealed; he is nondiabetic, not hypertensive, he had no family history of heart disease which are usually considered risk factors for heart disease. He was obese with a sedentary lifestyle and had frequent night-outs and consumed packed food.

Economic independence, nuclear families, frequent night-outs, regular alcohol consumption, a drug for fun, appetite for deep fired, palatable spicy food with no regular exercise regimen and cutthroat competitions, stress are emerging as major risk factors for early heart attacks in young groups. Tech-savvy professionals are virtually glued to laptops, tabs, cellular phones, and are socially disconnected. Till late night they are on calls from abroad and are always aloof in the room with the pretext of privacy and no disturbance during call hours. Such work culture is detrimental to health and ‘youth are becoming old’. As per me, the poor physical activity, excess screen time, not adhering to traditional food habits, lack of discipline in life is also contributing to an increase in the incidence of heart disease.

Alarming Trends:

• Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) is the leading cause of mortality in India. In 2016, the estimated prevalence of CVDs in India was estimated to be 54.5 million. One in 4 deaths in India is now because of CVDs with ischemic heart disease and stroke responsible for >80% of this burden. These diseases tend to affect patients in the most productive years of their lives and result in catastrophic social and economic consequences.

• The research presented at the 2019 conference of the American College of Cardiology, spotlights an alarming trend: a rising incidence of heart attacks in younger adults. The study was the first to compare “young” heart attack survivors (41 to 50 years old) to “very young” survivors (age 40 or younger). The proportion of under-40 adults having a heart attack rose by 2 percent a year for the last 10 years.

• The study also found that 40 percent of Indians under the age of 55 develop heart attack, of which 50 percent of heart patients have their first episode or get their first warning signal. Combining all of the above statistics show that young people in India are more prone to heart attacks.

Key Risk Factors of Heart disease in Youth

• Substance abuse or excessive alcohol use

• Smoking

• Diabetes

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol levels

• Lack of physical activity

• Poor dietary habits

• Excessive stress

I advise people of this group must get their preventive health check-up done at least once a year. Managing your health in the early thirties and watch out for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, hopefully, youth will not have problems when they are in their fifties.

Can we prevent heart disease? Yes, we can prevent:

People of any age group or gender regardless of family history of heart diseases are at risk of cardiovascular diseases. We can prevent or push it to happen later in life. The best way to do so is by adopting a healthy lifestyle right from today.

Tips to maintain a healthy heart:

Eat healthy food – Let us adopt a healthy diet low in saturated fat, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium, sugars, and added sweeteners.  Eat more fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich wholegrain, nuts, pulses, seeds and low-fat dairy products. Adopt to less oil, less spicy cooking methods.

Develop an active lifestyle – Get into the habit of daily yoga, aerobics, or brisk walks. Regularity in your fitness routine is as important as starting the activity.

Quit smoking – immediately quit smoking and also avoid passive smoke.

Family history – It is essential to keep track of the family history of heart diseases as it increases your risk of getting one. You control or delay your risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, not smoking and eating right.

Stress management – Long-term stress causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure that may damage the artery walls. Learn stress management practices such as meditation and deep breathing exercises to relax.

Control Diabetes, Blood Pressure: Look out for your sugar levels & BP (Keep it under control). Get your heart-health screenings at least once a year.

Learn the warning signs of a heart attack – Heart attack symptoms in women can be different than men. Knowing when you’re having a heart attack or stroke means that you’re more likely to seek and get immediate help.

Empower yourself for keeping your Heart Healthy on this World Heart Day and every day for any heart related queries please send mail to,

Dr. Suresh V Patted

Dr. Suresh V. Patted

Prof. & HOD Department of Cardiology, KLES Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi.

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Passport office operational from today at Belagavi

The Post Office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSK) at Belagavi has resumed its operations from Monday 28/09/2020.

The POPSK has now been shifted behind the Canteen on the ground floor at head post office premises only, earlier it was on the first floor.


Now only 25 appointments are been given and would be increased with time.

The POPSK was shut in March 2020 after the lock down was announced.

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Farmers call for a Statewide Bandh on Monday

A statewide bandh on Monday, September 28 has been called by Farmer organizations protesting on a number of bills passed on the farm sector. Those include which allow the purchase of agricultural land by non-agriculturists, as well as amendments to the APMC Act, allowing farmers to sell outside Mandis to private players, and other bills related to farmers.

In a Cabinet decision in June this year, the government had proposed to amend the Karnataka Land Reforms Act, on three aspects: Allowing non-agriculturists to buy agricultural land, removing the income limit for the purchase of land and doubling the ceiling on landholding.

File pic

Monday’s Karnataka bandh called to protest anti-farmer and anti-labor bills is expected to be total as farmers associations, trade unions, various rights groups and organizations have come together.
In Belagavi farmers have planned to block the National Highway near the Suvarna Soudha where they would also protest against the land acquisition for various road projects.

SSLC exams and other exams have been postponed.

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From Oct 1 Loose sweets will carry best-before date

All sweet shops will soon be required to declare the manufacturing and best-before dates of all sweets, India’s food safety regulator has ruled.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in its latest notification, has directed Sweetshops to display the manufacturing and the best-before dates for loose sweets, effective October 1.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on Friday came up with an order making it mandatory for all sweet shop owners to display the Best Before Date depending on the local weather conditions. This will come into effect from October 1.
Besides the Best Before the date, the sweet business owners can also display the date of manufacturing, but that would be voluntary and non-binding.

At present, it is mandatory to mention these details on labels of prepackaged/pre-packed sweets.

sweet-shop display

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a direction in this regard after reports of instances of sale of stale/expired sweets to consumers posing potential health hazards.

In the public interest and to ensure food safety, it has been decided that in case of non-packaged/loose sweets, the container/tray holding sweets at the outlet for sale should display the ‘date of manufacturing’ and ‘best before date’ of the product,” the FSSAI order stated.

An outlet, on average, has as many as 200 varieties of sweets to sell, which are made from different kinds of ingredients and therefore have different duration of shelf life.
Hence from Oct 1, when you buy your favorite Kunda or be it, the Kaju Katli don’t forget to see the date of manufacturing and ‘best before date’ of the product.

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Two women brutally murdered near Macche

Two unindetified persons on a bike stabbed to death two woman near Macche on the outskirts of Belagavi on Saturday evening.

Rajashree Ravi Bannur (21) and Rohini Gangappa Hulimani (21) have been identified as the deceased.

Both were first attacked with chili powder and then stabbed to death and the perpetrators on the bike had managed to escape.


Both the woman were married and were from Kalewadi.

The motive behind the murder is yet to be ascertained. The police are investigating the matter.

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40 kgs Ganja seized

At Mahishal near Miraj, a team of Belagavi District Crime Branch arrested Ashfaq Mainuddin Mulla of Miraj and seized 40 kg of Ganja from his Swift car.

Police also seized 78 kg of cannabis stored near the pump house of Mahishal Jat Water Supply Scheme and a vehicle used for transporting cannabis fromWasim Sheikh.

Ashfaq Mainuddin Mulla had managed to escape at this time. After the action taken by Chikodi police, the case was handed over by the district police.

His team later arrested Ashfaq Mainuddin Mulla and seized cannabis. Sixty packets of cannabis weighing two kilograms were valued at Rs 24 lakh. A Swift car and a two-wheeler were also seized by the police.

The total value of the items seized by the police was Rs 28,500,000. Ashfaq was importing cannabis from two persons in Warangal and Hyderabad in Telangana state.

Ashfaq has confessed to selling cannabis in Miraj, Sangli and Chikodi, Belagavi and Dharwad areas of Karnataka.

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Online property guidance valuation calculator in Belagavi – How to check?

How to check the Online property guidance valuation calculator in Belagavi? Is there any property valuation calculator in Belagavi? What is the property value in Belagavi 2020? The government of Karnataka has devised an online tool for the same.

The Department of Stamps and Registration,Government of Karnataka has a website which will help in ascertaining the value of a property.

In most cases, the price of Guidance Value is much lesser than the market value. But this value can act as a reference base.

Guidance value is nothing but a price of the property as per the local Government.

Visit –

land-value belagavi

Choose the district from the drop-down menu, then type a minimum three letters of the area you are looking for, then by default when you select the area, the other details like Taluka, Village Name and Hobli will load.

Enter Property Usage Type

Select Property Type – Building, apartment or Vacant site

Mention the total area and then select the unit as Sq feet or Sq meter.

One also has the option to select other details such amenities available which will affect the total valuation.

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Belagavi was 3rd busiest airport in Karnataka in August

As per the Traffic data for the month of August, Belagavi is the third busiest airport in Karnataka only after Bengaluru and Mangaluru.

Belagavi Traffic August 2020

Aircraft movement 418 (412 in 2019)

Passengers 17,914 (21,175 in 2019)

April to August 42,720 (72,468 in 2019)

With no Airbus or Boeing service to IXG position 3 for Belagavi is very promising.

August 2020 July 2020 June 2020
Aircraft Movement 418 444 391
Passenger 17914 14147 10224
Position in State 3 2 2

In August Bengaluru lead all the way with the highest passengers followed by Mangaluru, Belagavi, Kalburgi, Mysuru, Hubballi, and Vijay Nagar.

Since air traffic was opened after the pandemic there has been significant growth in air traffic from Belagavi.

Now, most of the airlines have commenced their pre COVID schedules and data for September and October will be more promising.

As per the City Pair Data – in June the Hyderabad sector was the busiest with 2292 persons traveling to HYD and 2794 returned to Belagavi.

Now with 4 flights to Bengaluru and 3 to Hyderabad these two places will be the top two places people travel to.

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